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Robert Wynn and Sons provide their clients with marine solutions for the transportation of heavy and/or abnormal loads.

With a long and proud history of serving industry across Europe, Robert Wynn and Sons has the experience, skills and innovation to ensure our clients receive the most appropriate solution for their needs.

This can be through the utilisation of our own specialist heavy lift vessels or where appropriate through our international partners and contacts.

Tel: 01785 850411

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Robert Wynn and Sons Ltd. is a company dedicated to the creation, procurement and management of specialist equipment.

A subsidiary of Wynns Limited, the company delivers contracted services based upon its ability to execute the multi-modal solutions necessary to facilitate the movement of Abnormal Indivisible Loads.

Combining added knowledge and expertise with pioneering technical creativity; Robert Wynn and Sons Ltd. is best placed to deliver the sustainable and integrated transportation solutions of the future.